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Episode18 Mirai Captured

【English script】 
「MOBILE SUIT Ζ GUNDAM  Episode18  Mirai Captured」
After arriving in Hong Kong, Amuro ran into Mirai...
...who was waiting with her children for a ride to outer space.
About that time, a giant mobile suit, the Psyco Gundam...
...left the Sudori to invade Hong Kong.
Kamille was left with a feeling of aversion for this enemy.
Mirai Captured
Four, get back here!
If you don't stop acting selfishly, you won't get your memory back.
You're the Psyco's pilot!
I've got to bring her back.
Have you loaded all mobile suit fixtures?
All that's left is the loading of the Dodais.
I'm very impressed with Luio & Co.
Impressive indeed.
I don't see Kamille and Amuro.
Oh, they have things to take care of.
There, Cheimin!
Is it your idea to have me board the Audhumla?
That's right.
But I'm sure Hayato feels the same way.
You haven't got your flight ticket yet, have you?
I'm very grateful for your consideration. However...!
The worse the war situation...
...the more difficult it will become to get to space.
Who knows when you'd be able to see Bright again?
Sure, I want to see my husband.
But I can't take the children into battle zones just to see him.
Oh no!
Let me think about it a little more, Amuro.
The glider flew away.
Oh, my.
Amuro, we should get going.
The Audhumla will be departing by tomorrow morning. So...!
Thank you, Amuro.
- This way! - What's keeping you?!
No way!
Four Marine Hizacks have been dispatched.
Does this satisfy you, Miss Cornell?
I'm very grateful to have you allocate that many of your staff for us.
You realize, enormous funds have been invested in Four.
It pains me to have to hire you special service officers to look for a lost child...
...but we're pressed to the brink here.
No, this is a great chance for us.
If we can take advantage of Four's actions to take over the Audhumla...
...without damaging it, Hong Kong will escape being burnt down.
As the Hong Kong operatives we must also show some results to the Titans.
If Four is a complete Cyber-Newtype...
...she will surely make contact with the enemy.
Dr. Murasame is a very capable person.
She seems to be having fun.
- Goodbye! - Goodbye!
Those people are neither A. E. U. G. nor military.
Why are you trying to get them aboard the Audhumla, Amuro?
You probably wouldn't understand, but...!
Audhumla? Amuro?
That's Hathaway's airplane!
Don't lose it again.
Thank you, ma'am.
You're very kind. Thank you very much.
No problem.
That's great! You got the glider back.
Who is this woman?
Is he Amuro Ray?
Aren't you returning?
What are you doing in a place like this?!
I'm here on orders from Director Hayato.
Mr. Amuro, why won't you tell her to be quiet?
So he is Amuro.
Then could he be the one who was piloting the Gundam Mk. II?
Everyone is worried when Amuro goes out without telling anyone.
Especially if he's with you.
I came to keep Amuro in check.
All right, then please return immediately!
Sure, we'll return.
Is he the one who made me uncomfortable?
Hey, you!
Mind driving me to the old city?
Sure, I can take you.
That would be great.
Do you know that couple?
I don't know that man and woman who lick each other's wounds!
Oh, I get it.
Yes, I'm sure you do.
How pathetic.
That's exactly how I feel.
Four is on the move.
Amuro Ray is personally acquainted with a woman with two children...
...staying at the Coral Oriental vessel.
Do you like gliders?
I like anything that flies.
So do I.
My name's Kamille. Nice to meet you.
I'm Four Murasame.
Four Murasame? That's a difficult name.
I can't help it.
That's the name I was given.
You're right about that.
What a kind name.
You don't like your own name, do you?
Why do you say that?
It's written all over your face.
What would be the best thing for us to do, Bright?
Would it be better if we didn't go to space?
I brought my dirty clothes.
What about Cheimin's clothes?
You're such a good girl, Cheimin. Let's go.
Who are you people?!
Stop it, what are you doing?!
Don't you dare touch the children!
Did you track down Four?
Can you get our wireless connected with the broadcast station?
That can easily be done.
What's happening with Four?!
This is our chance to stop the A. E. U. G. cold.
Once we commence our plans, Four will show up.
Aren't you getting off yet?
You'll buy me something to drink, won't you?
There's a shop.
You want to know the truth?
I'll go wherever you go.
Even if you're going to join that person I saw earlier.
Are you a fan of Amuro?
What if I were?
I'd be jealous!
Did you believe me?
The truth is I was looking for someone.
Someone who understands me.
This message is directed to the A. E. U. G. and all of their sympathizers.
I am the acting captain of the Sudori, Captain Ben Wooder.
What's this?
Unless you people hand over the Audhumla to us within 24 hours...
...we will indiscriminately open fire on the city of New Hong Kong!
If you should unfairly decide to attack us...
...we will no longer be able to guarantee the lives of the hostages.
The hostages are former White Base Captain Bright Noa's wife...
...Mirai Yashima and their two children.
- Don't throw stuff out the window! - Keep your hands off the children!
I want you to contact the Audhumla!
What are you going to do?!
Are you a member of the A. E. U. G?
By chance.
Do you pilot mobile suits?
More or less.
I'm getting off.
Yeah, it's not safe.
- Take care. - Thank you.
We'll meet again, won't we?
I'd like that.
Tell Ben Wooder that I can't stand these tactics!
If you don't like it, then take part in it yourself.
This kind of operation is none of my business!
You'll be executed for fleeing from the enemy!
I'm presently checking out the enemy!
So you don't like to cooperate with us?
You saw me keep an Audhumla pilot here with your own eyes!
- That guy was a pilot? - Of course!
If we went in the Audhumla to negotiate with the enemy...
...we'd be practically handing over this Garuda transport!
But they have hostages!
What's a mere three or four hostages?!
We have an incoming phone call.
Just a moment!
Hayato here!
It's Beltorchika!
This is absurd for you to be calling by telephone!
Hang up at once!
Amuro's... Amuro's gone to the enemy's hovercraft!
I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen.
He went alone!
Okay, Beltorchika!
You're to return to the Stockpile Base!
Got that?!
Why's everyone so swayed by sympathy?!
Please do not forget the causes of the A.E. U. G!
We haven't forgotten!
I'm going there!
- We're moving the Audhumla! - Yes, sir!
I don't know how important these hostages are to them...
...but we can't leave Hong Kong in a sea of fire as a result.
Please don't get Luio & Co.'s Stockpile Base mixed up in this.
We won't!
I want to see the person in charge!
I'm in charge.
You say you want to exchange hostages. Can you elaborate?!
I'm Captain Amuro Ray.
I should be of great value to you as a hostage.
Is he telling the truth?
I recognize the face.
I'm sure you'd rather not be known for using unfair tactics...
...like taking women and children for hostages!
Very well! Bring out the mother and children.
Yes sir!
Is it true that Amuro is here?
You heard his voice, didn't you?
Which vessel?
It's from the Mayor of Hong Kong.
This is the Audhumla.
Stephanie Luio speaking.
Make sure all mobile suits are ready to counterattack anytime!
Upon the honor of Luio & Co...
...we will have the Audhumla flee Hong Kong!
This way, the city will avoid getting involved in this war.
The Audhumla has many qualified pilots on board.
- Go. - Okay.
It's an honor to be joined by a former hero.
Why must you go to this extent to seize the Audhumla?
I don't know about politics...
...but as a soldier, it's only natural for me to follow my orders, right?
But the present government is trying to destroy Earth!
Mirai! Hurry to shore!
Right! I'm going!
What's wrong?
Director Hayato!
The proposal presented by Hong Kong City is an insult to us.
Should the Audhumla try to leave Hong Kong at this stage...
...we plan to have the four hostages slaughtered!
There are more hostages?
We'll first take the life of Bright Noa's wife!
I took part in this operation because I was told that I could fight as a pilot.
More than anything, Murasame Laboratory has something very important to me.
In order to get that back, I can't have some snob like Ben Wooder get in my way.
What's that?
Send out a Dodai! We're bringing Kamille in!
Kamille, I'm glad you made it back!
How did they end up with an additional hostage?!
Amuro went to trade places with Mirai, but they ended up capturing them all.
Mr. Amuro's way too optimistic!
Don't be so hard on him, Kamille!
If we play our cards wrong, the hostages will be dead!
The Sudori may already have a trap set up.
Isn't there the chance we may be facing an enemy other than the Sudori?
Both Mirai and Amuro are very important people to us.
I know. I'll need a flawless strategy.
This international city of Hong Kong...!
I've figured out a way.
A plan that uses the Mk. II to save the hostages and Hong Kong as well.
l-ls it possible?
We'll hand over the Audhumla.
That's crazy!
If we surrender now, our efforts to this point will have been wasted!
We can't win by force, so we'll pretend to be surrendering.
Let's do it.
Can you remain calm?
If you can't, I cannot authorize this.
You have no authority in this, Miss Stephanie.
I'm joking.
I'll try. I'll calmly observe the situation before I fight.
You're sure?
Of course.
What is this kindness I feel?
She has the scent of a woman, different from that of Four.
I feel strength in her.
We're going to save everyone!
I'm counting on you!
- Stephanie, thank you for your kind words. - Nonsense.
I was only telling the truth.
Director Hayato!
I need to know the exact timing for my take-off.
I doubt a mobility test has been done underwater.
Be cautious of the water pressure, Kamille!
Kamille. Let's do it!
Enemies are also underwater.
Here they come.
Very compliant.
Looks like you won't have to die after all, Captain!
Did the Audhumla come?
Are they coming?
It's as Miss Stephanie was saying. Could there be other enemies, too?
My head.
Must I always rely on that Cornell to get rid of this headache?
Will Director Hayato back me up?
lt'll be all right.
Look, the men from that big airplane will come and get us.
Will they also save Mr. Amuro?
Of course.
Hayato. What's he thinking?
This should make it clear that we have no intentions of fighting.
There are enemies hiding underwater, aren't there?
- But Kamille...! - I'm sure he'll take care of things.
Looks like they're surrendering.
Hmm... Call the Sudori over and get started with our takeover.
- Help! - Hathaway!
That's one!
Don't let that hostage get away! Get him!
That's Mr. Amuro!
Where's Mrs. Mirai?
Those mobile suits are for underwater use!
He sank!
You're free now!
Amuro! Over here! Amuro!
- Give him mouth-to-mouth! - A-Amuro.
Ready to send out mobile suits!
- Audhumla, prepare to leave waters! - Yes, sir!
What are you doing, Namicar?!
Now that we've lost our hostages, our plan has officially failed!
Aren't you feeling seasick?
Huh? No.
I've got to drag these guys out of the sea!
That's three!
Whenever there is a calm period, this always follows.
I'm so glad you're okay.
- A Gundam! - Can he land it?
lmpressive, Kamille.
Is he like you, Amuro?
No, nothing like me.
But he's got much more promise than myself.
Were you driving it?
That's right. Are you all right?
Mhm! Hathaway's feeling better, too!
Is that so! I'm happy to hear that.
It's all your fault!
Ever since you came, Amuro's forgotten about the A. E. U. G...
...and even gets himself into this sort of danger!
That's not true, Amuro isn't such a weak person.
Beltorchika, forget it.
I can't understand!
I'm glad to see you're all right, Mirai!
Thank you, Hayato!
We're okay, thanks to Amuro and Kamille.
Kamille! You really shone out there!
Thank you very much.
Great work, Captain Amuro.
Thank you. Same goes for you.
Kamille and Four are unable to obtain new memories...
...from the short time they are allowed to spend together.
The bittersweet impurities of their youthful days...
...fade away in the flames of Hong Kong.
The two only discover that their inescapable fate...
...is to become enemies.
Next on Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, "Cinderella Four".
Cinderella Four
You will see the tears of time.



「機動戦士Ζガンダム  エピソード18  とらわれたミライ」






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