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Episode19 Cinderella Four

【English script】 
「MOBILE SUIT Ζ GUNDAM  Episode19  Cinderella Four」
Cinderella Four.
What's going on, Director Hayato?
The Mayor of Hong Kong has ordered us to leave the city.
We're to leave sometime today.
Guess I can understand why.
If we're out by twelve midnight, that's still today.
But I believe there're more items to load.
Director, the stuff from Luio & Co. has arrived.
- Is that the final load? - No, there's still more!
Once you get a moment, come and help us load!
Mr. Amuro.
You'll get scolded if Hayato sees you fooling around.
I'm not slacking off.
I was thinking about something.
About the girl you said you met during the day?
It feels different from falling in love.
How should I put it...?
It's a more tangible feeling.
Can you understand what I'm getting at?
In other words...
You've experienced this feeling, haven't you?
If you're saying it's the feeling of a Newtype, you're wrong.
People with great insight are capable of understanding each other...
...the first time they meet.
Even the feeling of being pulled?
- Being pulled? - Two men discussing secrets?
I can't keep you out of my sight, can I, Kamille?
It's not at all what you think.
That's called love at first sight.
What do you want?!
Kamille, that's dangerous.
You're better off keeping a distance from that girl.
Why is that?
There is no reason!
Let him go!
Leave Amuro alone.
Mrs. Mirai.
I'm aware that you fought with Amuro back in the days of the White Base.
Won't you tell me about the person Amuro fought?
About Zeon's pilot?
That's a lie!
I can't say anything...
...if you already think you know the truth.
I'm worried for Amuro!
Unless I know more about him, how can I care for him sufficiently?
You're carelessly jumping too deeply into people's hearts.
But right now, I believe I was only talking of my own heart.
What kind of enemy was that person?
I'm sorry.
I don't know that much.
But this person, Lalah, was responsible...
...for completely pulling Amuro away from reality, even though she had died.
Did he love her?
They were enemies, and hardly met each other.
Do you think two such people can love each other...
...enough to change their lives?
I think it's impossible.
That was their relationship.
Four could be to me what that person was to Amuro.
What am I thinking about?!
Will it work?
How's the booster working?
- It can be used any time! - That's great!
- Please. - Th-Thank you.
How do things look?
I've changed programs for the piloting system.
- Good. - However...!
We've been depending too much on Cyber-Newtypes.
We can't afford not to utilize the power of the Psyco Gundam.
If Hong Kong should become a sea of fire as a result, well, that can't be helped.
Hong Kong is a leased territory of the Federation Government.
Earth is presently under the control of the Titans.
And a soldier's job is to abide by his orders.
Does that also go for the Murasame Laboratory?
You'd be able to put more energy into your research by working under the Titans.
I wish you wouldn't make me waste my time like this, Ensign Four.
You're the one who left me behind.
That's why I've come to get you now.
Sergeant! Be more discreet with your words.
Yes, Number Four.
Never call me that again.
Who's there?!
Somebody you know?
What are you doing here?
I thought I might be able to see you again.
Sergeant, return alone.
I'm not going back yet.
I have special orders from the Captain.
Then I'll return by twelve midnight.
You wouldn't mind giving me that much time, would you?
Twelve midnight?
I ask that you forgive me for hitting you.
I'd just like a little time right now.
Very well.
I'll explain that to the Captain.
Thank you.
However, I insist that you wear this.
What's the matter?
It seems that we're enemies.
Only according to lines adults have drawn.
You're right.
The Federation and the A. E. U. G. are no different from each other.
Just different uniforms.
Hey, how does it feel to pilot a mobile suit?
How does it feel?
Well, I'm only in it to fight, so...!
You're right about that.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Kiss me.
You're very kind.
You see, I'm a war orphan.
Shall I tell you the truth?
About what?
Do you like my name?
It's a great name. I like it.
I hate it.
Why? It has a nice ring to it.
I was the fourth one in my laboratory, and that's why I'm Four.
Number Four.
- What's your real name? - I don't know.
I have no memory of my past.
I want to know about my past.
That's what I've been searching for.
But you can make as many memories as you wish from this point on.
- Are you sure about that? - Four.
How could they?!
This is the same feeling I had then.
Could Kamille be that person?
The uniform's not the only difference!
The A. E. U. G. would never do something like this!
Who's piloting the Psyco Gundam?!
Four! Let's go to the Audhumla!
There's no reason why you should remain with the Federation Forces.
My memory...
My memory exists there.
That airplane will bring me my memory!
I hate feeling lonely.
I have no memories for comforting myself in loneliness.
It's something that someone with parents cannot understand.
What's gotten into you?!
Can you tell who I am?
Can you tell?!
Wait! Four!
Miss Stephanie's helicopter is requesting permission to land!
We must send out our mobile suits first!
Get the Nemos ready, too!
Moving the Audhumla!
Rick Dias, ready for take-off!
I'm going!
Go ahead!
Who could have invented this kind of mobile suit?
We can't afford to take care of the Sudori.
Not the Mk. II?
It uses a scattering beam cannon and can float in the air!
Is that Namicar piloting the Psyco Gundam without my approval?!
No, it's Ben Wooder!
No other man would even think of trying to operate it!
What's wrong with it?!
It stopped on its own! What happened?!
No, I can't destroy it here!
Wh-What's this?
I'm not moving it!
Wh-What's going on?!
Please notice me, Rick Dias!
That light.
Is it Captain Amuro Ray?
I wouldn't move it like this!
Wh-What the...!
What's that light?
I get it, Namicar!
You meant that the Psyco Gundam belongs to a Cyber-Newtype, right?!
We've been looking for you, Ensign Four!
Thank you very much, Captain Wooder.
Back up the Hizacks! I'm sure you understand!
I understand.
So a system has been completed that connects the human will to a machine.
Can't you answer me, Kamille?!
If you refuse to talk to me properly about Newtypes...
...I need to find things out on my own!
I'm returning to the ship.
Sortie at once with the Mk. II to counterattack!
What took you so long?!
Miss Stephanie.
Kamille, are you taking the battles of Karaba and the A. E. U. G. seriously?!
Of course I am!
That's why I'm fighting battles, right?!
Then, don't leave at a time like this!
It's not like I left to fool around!
That boy is a little different, isn't it?
Think so?
She's like a female Wong Lee!!
A man can't go out to die just because he's been slapped!
Gundam Mk. II, taking off!
Captain Amuro's quick!
Nemo unit, protect the Audhumla!
Mk. II, don't fall behind!
This damn city! This damn city!
What good is this damn city anyway?!
What good are new memories if I can't get the memories of my past back?!
Just burn...! Everything...!
That place...!
I'll tear you apart!
Stop it!
Wh-Why you're...!
You're kidding!
Have you been created to make me suffer?!
Four, is it you?
I hate you!
You mustn't fight, Four!
Not you!
S-Stop it!
Four, come to your senses.
Four, you mustn't fight!
It's because things like this exist that I must suffer eternally!
What are you doing?!
You're going to get yourself killed!
Captain, please stop it!
Four, can you tell? It's me, Kamille!
Are you telling me to stop attacking, Kamille?
Four, can you hear me?!
I know it's you!
Open up, Four!
I want my memory.
I want to know more about myself.
Four, come out of there.
I was told that the Murasame Laboratory...
...would reinstate my memory if I defeat the Mk. II.
They're lying!
Do you really believe they'll make good on such a promise?
Is it wrong to want to know more about myself?!
Four, come to space with me.
To space?
With the technology of the A. E. U. G., Four, I'm sure your memory can be reinstated.
They can't fix something out in space...
...that couldn't be fixed at the Laboratory!
We won't know that until we give it a try!
It's useless.
Kamille, you know everything about me!
It's because there's someone who knows you that you're able to live life!
Then stop being my enemy!
Be kind to me!
I don't like being pushed around!
You'll only end up committing more crimes!
I'm destroying the system.
The combat system is forcing the pilot to fight!
But the pilot is Four!
Where is it?
Where is the system's core?
Where is the system's...?
Did I get it?
What is it?!
Why get in my way?!
I'll make her do it.
If Four is a complete Cyber-Newtype, she'll still be able to fight.
Right now, our priority is to hunt down the Audhumla.
Are you really going to go?
I'll go, perhaps to India on the Coral Oriental.
The last thing I want to do is get in Bright's way.
I see.
And Miss Stephanie says she'll give us her support.
Amuro, where's Kamille?
That's too bad. I was hoping to talk to him one last time.
Take good care of him.
I promised that I'd send him to space.
I will make good on my promise.
But don't be reckless.
I will not die in vain.
Mrs. Mirai. We should be going.
- Let's get on first. - Oh, thank you.
There's no sense rushing things.
It's the same with any relationship between two people.
It's best to take your time to understand one another.
I don't understand.
You will when you get older.
What did Mirai tell you?
Women's talk.
Even during battle, Four is aware of what she will eventually choose.
Perhaps this is the nature of human existence.
Although Kamille realizes the connection between his mind and Four's...
...he still attempts to escape to space.
Next on Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, "The Heated Escape".
The Heated Escape
You will see the tears of time.



「機動戦士Ζガンダム  エピソード19  シンデレラ・フォウ」






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