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Episode20 The Heated Escape

【English script】 
「MOBILE SUIT Ζ GUNDAM  Episode20  The Heated Escape」
The Heated Escape
If you have a moment, I'd like a word with you, Kamille.
Won't you come to my room? The coffee's on.
Not now, Beltorchika.
Beltorchika, sorry.
What's eating you?
You're different from Lt. Quattro.
You're not someone who loses himself to battles.
I'm surprised to hear that from you...
...who's beginning to recognize and accept the realities of battle.
This is not what I expect from you!
You want to return to space, don't you?
Outer space will increase Kamille's potential infinitely.
If it's going to influence me in a positive way as a result...
...then I'd better do it.
So you're going to use Kamille, are you?!
The five Hizacks are our only remaining mobile suits.
They're almost ready to send out.
How ambiguous.
- What's going on with the Audhumla? - We've almost caught up with them.
Be more precise with your responses!
Terribly sorry, sir.
How are you feeling, Ensign Four?
Am I to sortie?
Calm down, we haven't caught up with the Audhumla yet.
- Where are you going? - I'm returning.
I hear you want your memory, Ensign Four.
I'm not telling you to shoot it down. Just hold it back.
At this rate, we'll end up generously handing the Audhumla...
...over to the New Guinea Titans.
If our trust in you declines, in a worst-case scenario...
...we may close the Newtype Research Laboratory.
Close it?
Should that happen, Ensign, your memory will be lost forever.
Y-You're lying.
It all depends on your accomplishments.
I won't let the Titans get in my way!
Well, what a brave thing to say.
The Audhumla is within sight!
We'll catch them in approximately 15 minutes.
This is a block plan of the Titans in New Guinea...
...that we received from Luio & Co.
It's still under construction.
If this is the extent of their force, we'll be able to wipe them out alone.
Want to force our way in with the Audhumla?
No way!
Director Hayato!
We have a message from New Hong Kong.
Is it from Luio & Co?
Yes, sir.
I'll decipher it.
"The Argama will keep its course in a satellite orbit for 24 hours...
"...from 11:00h today."
The Argama's coming?!
That's too soon.
We won't arrive at New Guinea until tomorrow morning at the earliest.
Do something! We won't get too many chances like this.
Enemy craft detected!
It's a mobile suit unit.
- Okay! - Go get 'em!
- Can you tell how many?! - Five units! No, six units!
Hurry up and send out our own mobile suit unit!
Are the gun platforms ready?!
That black mobile suit is in the lead. There are also about five Hizacks.
Roger. I'll need reinforcements.
Amuro, save some strength to attack New Guinea.
Take it easy.
I know.
Amuro, Rick Dias taking off!
I'll put an end to your chase.
I'll get my memory back for this war?
Damn Wooder.
You're in my way!
Are they heading right into the Audhumla?!
Ascend, at top speed! Avoid it!
Hizack unit! I'll leave the small fry to you.
I just need to take out the source.
- It missed! - I missed?!
No one who gets in my way...!
Great move, Amuro!
Beltorchika, where's Kamille?
I'm not his babysitter!
I apologize, Director Hayato.
Mk. II, taking off!
This'll finish you!
It's no use!
I told you I would allow no one to get in my way.
What's this sensation?!
My head feels like it's going to split!
What happened all of a sudden?!
What about the Audhumla?!
You're not getting away!
Where'd it go?!
- Mr. Amuro. - Your guard's down, Kamille!
I'm sorry.
We're entering the satellite orbit.
Why did you leave the battle line?!
You must fight!
It's for your good as well.
I'm telling you that I'm tired.
What are you saying?
What good is all your effort if you don't fight?!
My head... It hurts.
What did you do that for?!
Don't you want your memory, Four?!
If I submit a report, your memory will be restored in no time.
This opportunity is within your grasp.
Fight, Four.
You are a flawless Newtype.
You cannot be defeated. All you need to do is prove that point.
All right, Namicar.
Ensign Four Murasame, taking off!
There she goes.
Put me on the ship's P.A. system.
Yes, sir!
Go ahead.
This is Captain Wooder speaking.
All units, stop what you're doing and listen carefully to this announcement.
Now that we've lost our mobile suit unit...
...our ship's fighting ability, aside from the Psyco Gundam, is practically zero.
Yet, we no longer have the time to replenish.
Our last resort is a suicide attack with this ship.
All crewmembers are to abandon ship at once.
The suicide attack will begin when we catch up with the Audhumla.
That is all.
- Get the Base Jabber ready! - C'mon, hurry!
We'll get everyone on it!
Hey, what do you think? Unless we leave, we'll also...!
You guys hurry on, too.
We'll be excused, sir!
You'd better hurry as well.
Now, let's just see how much the Psyco Gundam can do for us.
Captain Wooder.
Please allow us to remain here with you.
Take your positions at the gun platforms! Don't let enemy mobile suits get close!
Any word from the Argama yet?
We're expecting something any time now, but there's too much static.
Even if the Argama arrives, we have no shuttle.
How could we miss this chance?
- I have a favor to ask you! - Me?
You like Amuro, don't you?
Stop beating around the bush. What is it that you want?
I don't want to leave Amuro by your side.
As long as he's by your side, Amuro will continue to overdo things.
Amuro will soon end up dead.
So you feel that I'm not strong enough?
No, I don't!
Yes, you do! You just said so!
I'm saying that when he's with you, Kamille, Amuro tries too hard!
Then I really can't do anything about that.
You've got no choice but to tell Mr. Amuro to be more cautious!
He wouldn't listen!
Maybe not. He's too serious.
Maybe not. He's too serious.
That's why I'm asking you to think about what to do.
There's obviously nothing that I can do!
Enemy attack! Ready to send out mobile suits!
Promise me that you'll return Amuro safely!
That's the selfishness of a woman!
Please realize that such selfishness could get a man killed!
"A woman's selfishness could get a man killed?"
- Kamille, you're quick! - Please let me go first!
Has Kamille come out?
His timing is as if he'd been waiting for me all along!
You can run all you like, but I'll find you!
Kamille, why won't you fire?!
- Kamille, stay back! - I'll do it!
I know that enemy well!
Kamille, are you sure?
The Sudori's heading straight for something.
What's it up to?!
She's quick!
The Sudori's coming straight at us!
From such a short distance!
Four, are you listening to me?
Since you'd launched, why didn't you get rid of me right away?!
I'm on my way there! Open your hatch!
Stop it!
You're reckless!
There's something I haven't told you yet.
Yes? What is it?
About my parents.
They were killed when they got mixed up in the battle...
...between the A. E. U. G. and Titans.
In front of my eyes.
I used to live in Green One of Side Seven.
I went to the high school there.
My dad was a designer of mobile suits.
He also designed this Mk. II.
My mom was a specialist in material engineering...
...and had cooperated on the development of the Mk. II.
My dad had a lover.
My mom knew that, but said nothing about it.
You want to know why?
She enjoyed her work so much.
A girl I've known since I was little tells me in place of my mother...
..."Stop biting your nails, Kamille!"
It's always, "Stop it, Kamille!"
I've never liked it.
Because Kamille's a girl's name, right?
I hated it. All along.
So I began taking karate lessons.
I also flew a Homo Avis, and even made mobile suits.
I needed to prove that I was a man.
I... I... What am I talking about?
Why am I telling you all this?
Kamille, can I ask you one more time?
Do you still dislike your name, Kamille?
No, I like it.
It's my own name, after all.
I see.
L-Let's both return to the respective places where we belong.
This place is not suited to you.
Are you serious, Four?
Get out of here! Forget it!
Four, but...!
The next time you get close to me...!
The next time you get close to me, I'll really shoot!
K-Kamille. Does this mean I won't have to ever forget again?
We're not done yet!
Where's that black one going?!
The Psyco Gundam!
What's going on with that black mobile suit?!
I don't know. I don't know, but...!
Captain, Four is moving the shuttle booster!
Take over the controls!
- Direct the ship to the top of the Audhumla! - Yes, sir!
Is she planning to make the Sudori lighter by throwing out the booster?
What are you doing?!
Don't try to stop me!
I demand an explanation!
I told you at the very beginning, that I'll do as I wish!
You little bitch!
What was that?!
Kamille, did you hear that?!
Mr. Amuro.
"Return to space with the Sudori's booster," that's what she's saying.
Four is?
Use the Sudori's booster to escape to space! I'll cover you!
If that voice belongs to the enemy you were talking about...
...then she is risking her life to help you escape!
She is?!
Can he tell?!
Those who ignore another's good intentions...
...will regret it for the rest of their lives, Kamille!
Mr. Amuro.
I understand. I'm going!
We should be able to reach the Argama now!
The Mk. Il is connecting to the booster?!
Can he ascend to space with a shuttle booster?!
If he can't, we'll just go fetch him!
Four, what's wrong?!
Are you hurt?!
What do they plan to do with the booster?
Captain! If we hit the booster...
...the Sudori will...! - I know that!
Are they serious?! The Sudori will go down, too!
The course the Argama's on matches perfectly!
Send the Argama a message!
"We don't know exactly when the Mk. Il will shoot out!"
"Make sure to pick it up!"
You're in my way!
Mr. Amuro!
I'm not letting them stop you!
Go, Kamille!
Kamille! You can go now, right?!
The Argama will surely pick you up! Trust them!
I can alter my course with this...
...but will the Argama be there?!
...go out into space.
Will this thing really take me there?
Can he get into orbit with that?!
Once he gets up there, Bright will retrieve him!
Kamille, go!
The Argama's waiting for you!
Roger, I'm going!
Four! Did I do the right thing?! Four!
Don't rely on machinery! Use your eyes!
We'll use the ballute, descend as low as we can, and pick up the Gundam there!
We've detected light on the visual display! Right rear!
Okay, shift a bit to the right!
Decrease altitude a little more!
How's the friction heat?!
We're still okay! We've reached our limit!
Open the ballute!
I see it! Mk. II, we're leaving the booster!
Kamille, don't lose your way.
Welcome back, Kamille.
Thank you very much, Captain Bright.
Where's Fa?
She's gone to Granada. Lt. Quattro and Katz are there, too.
Is that right?
To Granada.
Upon returning to the Argama, Kamille cannot help but feel lonely.
In space, Kamille is challenged by the Titans' new model mobile suits.
During the ensuing battle, Kamille receives additional support...
...in the form of Fa Yuiry's heart.
Next on Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, "A Sign of Zeta".
A Sign of Zeta
You will see the tears of time.



「機動戦士Ζガンダム  エピソード20  灼熱の脱出」






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